Moon studio develops custom and special finishes for all kinds of applications and surfaces. Sometimes called 'faux finishes' these techniques are applied to enhance wall surfaces, moldings, millwork or cast GFRC products.



Michael Moon

Michael Moon Studio specializes in Mural, Painting and Sculpture of various media and format.  Our Studio locates in Suwanee, GA and we mainly work in Metro Atlanta area.  The chief artist, Michael Moon majored in Fine art at Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL.


He worked as an interior designer for several years,  although he wanted to pursuit and consentrates his major – Fine art – so he focuses in painting and sculpting, murals and other décor jobs.

Your restaurant, café, church, house (including kid’s room and basement), or business can be customized to meet your request and expectation

Animation, portrait, landscape, abstract paintings, sculpting, and other various type of works are possible and are installed to complement its environment.

For detailed information and price, you can refer to the website.





What I’m good at

We offer complete mural and Painting, Sculpture. Acrylic, oils, pastels, and trompe l’oil are some of the mediums and styles that we employ. We offers a wide variety of work ranging from murals and paintings for your home or office in Atlanta, GA

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